M & R St. Road Rehabilitation


Roadway improvements on “M” Street between Yosemite Ave and Loughborough Drive and on “R” Street between 20th and 18th Street for the City of Merced.

The overall project included installation of water main utility items and roadway reconstruction for just under two miles of paved road within the City of Merced. Work included the demolition of existing pavement from curb to curb, full depth reclamation with lime of subgrade,  installation of new pavement from curb to curb along with the installation of a water main and storm drain.


  • Water pollution control
  • Street sweeping
  • Surveying
  • Monumentation
  • Earthwork
  • Utility box adjustments to grade
  • 9,620 tons of HMA Paving
  • 300,000 SF of Full Depth Reclamation with lime
  • 1,000 of DIP Water Mains
  • Installation of New Storm Drain System and Modification of Existing
  • Modification of Traffic Signals
  • Concrete Repairs and ADA Sidewalk Upgrades
  • Traffic Control
  • Striping & Signage
  • Installation of 835 feet of 16” DIP Water Mains
  • Installation of 66 feet of 8” DIP Water Mains
  • Installation of five 6” Water Mains
  • Installation of three 16” Gate Valves
  • Installation of four 8” Gate Valves
  • Pressure testing and Disinfection
  • Connection of new water mains and valves to existing water system


N. Willow Ave Widening – $2,276,637

2015 Visalia Major Street Rehab – $2,826,228

2016 Visalia Major Street Rehab – $2,319,133

Lemoore Naval Air Station Misc. Pavement Rehab Projects – $8M+


Client: City of Merced
Location: Merced, CA
Year Completed: 2015
Value: $2,136,424
Project Type: Transportation