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Avison Construction grew from a single blade and the experience gained from years of working in the field to a multi-million dollar commercial construction company. Founded in 1992, Avison began by creating a construction company that valued each and every employee and took tremendous pride in completing projects on time and within budget.

Based in the heart of California’s Central Valley, Avison Construction performs work from Fresno to the Bay Area. Performing construction of highways, bridges, wastewater treatment plants, demolition, restoration, parks, grading and infrastructure. Our extensive resources include talented people, state-of-the-art equipment and expertise to complete any size project. With relentless dedication to safety and an unparalleled standard of quality, Avison Construction is the region’s choice for engineering, construction, design-build and project management.

We are fully staffed with competent, qualified field and office personnel to complete a variety of projects. With over 20 years of success within the construction industry, Avison Construction has the expertise and capabilities to perform work as a Prime Contractor and to self-perform the major components of virtually all construction projects.


California Contractors License #823535

MBE #11070006 California Public Utilities Commission

A-General Engineering Contractor

DUNS #808274869

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A tradition of ethical and honest business conduct is the cornerstone of our business philosophy and serves as the foundation for our entire company. Avison Construction works hard to maintain the highest level of ethics and standards and is committed to doing the right thing in the right way. 


Avison Construction is renowned in the industry for our reputation of maintaining safe job sites, as well as the caliber of our safety programs. Our top priority is always the safety of our employees, clients, contractors, and the general public. We take the safety of our team very seriously. We have daily Take-5 meetings on-site, our leads are trained in basic first aid and are 40-hour Construction Hazard Awareness Safety trained. Between the on-site tailgate safety training/briefings and our classroom setting trainings, our team has the OSHA 30-hour training, 70E-Electrical training, Code of Safe practices, Activity Hazard Analysis (AHA) and the Injury & Illness Prevention program training.


For all of us at Avison Construction, achieving a quality project means that all members of a project, from the sub-contractors to the office staff, commit themselves to the highest level of , including excellence in planning and implementation of all aspects of the project. Our commitment to quality spans from the start of pre-construction services to the completion of the project.


According to the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), sustainability is defined as: A set of environmental, economic and social conditions in which all of society has the capacity and opportunity to maintain and improve its quality of life indefinitely without degrading the quantity, quality or availability of natural, economic, and social resources. Education and integration are key to any design and construction and are important components of innovative sustainable building.

The Avison Construction Inc. team members are continually building their knowledge and expertise as the developments and requirements grown within the sustainable construction industry. We continue to incorporate and seek alternative, sustainable building practices, ensuring that our buildings not only meet our client’s current needs but the needs of the future.